Kingston Twenty One is a lifestyle novelty brand that caters to the anomaly.

Our customers tend to be unique individuals around the world that recognize that any piece can make a statement. There are no boundaries, no specific eras of fashion; the splendor belongs to the beholder. 

Our creative focus is art through timeless fashion and innovative design.

Through our goods, we provide the tools and inspiration, similar to the paint and brush. It is you who will create the masterpiece. We believe an individual can and does make the difference. The cornerstone of our inspiration is life - fusing the past, present and future.

In Kingston Twenty One you will behold a man’s fashion and lifestyle.

Those who covet bespoke and novelty items will find that our site is a utopia. Our brand is serious, yet fun and adventurous. It’s for the individual who possesses a unique personal style whether he’s classic, sporty, retro, casual or a mix of them all. Our findings compliment and are essential to his brilliant aesthetic. At Kington Twenty One we set style principles of notable magnitude.

We take joy in acquiring trinkets and treasures from excursions to destinations rich in heritage.

We source our collection from places around the globe, we may be riding bikes in Italy or simply driving through a remote countryside in Jamaica. These quests inspire our artful collection of novelties. An array of rich silks, hard to find vintage wools, whimsical prints, leathers, linens and cottons make up our sought after palette of finely crafted classic timepieces that speak to all.